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Giving Back

What’s your Little Caesars doing in the community?

Little Caesars of Cedar Rapids is proud to support the local schools for various fundraising efforts all throughout the year.



Little Caesars is a locally owned and operated restaurant and is constantly involved in community related events.  If you would like to have the involvement with your local Little Caesars in your next event, tell us why Little Caesars and let us know what your ideas are for how you’d like us to be involved. Do you want the Little Caesars guy to show up to your event? Do you want Little Caesars branded goodies to hand out? Do you want your team sponsored by Little Caesars? Let us know!  We do ask that you give us at least a month notice of your request, so that we can plan ahead.

You will be asked to fill out a form for our records to indicate what you are specifically requesting, when, how many people will be in attendance at your event, what type of event you are holding and your organization’s charitable tax id #, and when the deadline is to respond.  All requests will be handled via E-mail.

We love to be able to help the community around us, so it’s important that we get all the right information at the appropriate time so we can all plan for a successful event! Please also remember that although we want to help as many organizations as we can, it’s not always possible and we have a limited budget for events/sponsorships and donations. Last minute requests are also hard to honor so, we appreciate your consideration of this when requesting participation.

Check out our facebook page to see what local events might be going on that we are currently participating in.  Little Caesars of Cedar Rapids is the name of our Facebook page, so Like us on Facebook! for store updates, product updates, and just community related information.


Here are a few other ways we’ve involved in the community.

  • Cedar Rapids Fire Fighter’s Foundation Annual FIRE BOWL
  • Little Caesars proudly donates to the Hall Perrine Cancer Center annual Relay for Life silent auction to benefit the American Cancer Society.
  • Little Caesars has been involved with the local Toys for Tots program by having donation bins available at all 3 locations during the donation period.
  • Supports fundraising efforts for SportAbility of Iowa.
  • Supports fundraising efforts for Absolutely Clean’s Time in a Bottle annual event.
  • Little Caesar himself came to the March of Dime’s March for Babies event at Noelridge Park where he greeted participants. Pizza was also donated for all those hungry participants.
  • Junior Achievement, a non-profit group who specializes in education, received free pizza and crazy bread at their Titan Challenge event held at Kirkwood College.
  • The traveling Little Caesars’ Love Kitchen came to town in early July of 2010. Your local Little Caesars supplied the food and labor to make and donate 50 pizzas to the Mission of Hope, where they helped feed people in need. They also came back down in 2014 and 2015 and we were able to feed people at the Mission of Hope and at Horizons Center to provide food for their Meals On Wheels program.
  • Little Caesar himself hangs out with everyone at the Eastern Central Autism Society’s Autism Walk at the Westdale Mall every year.
  • The Cub Scouts were able to make pizza box ovens to make s’mores in, using donated Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread boxes in 2013.
  • Many of the area’s Post Proms will have and have had free pizza vouchers donated as prizes.
  • Proudly supports Marion High School’s One Day in May event where students go out into the community to help people.
  • And many many more…