Cedar Rapids: Edgewood (319) 390-8000 | Collins (319) 447-9000 | Mt Vernon (319) 365-1800  
Waterloo: University (319) 234-3209 | San Marnan (319) 233-1808  


Little Caesars of Cedar Rapids is here to help our community with local fundraiser programs and by giving back to the community, because we live right here in the community and we want to help. Little Caesars is a locally owned and operated restaurant and is constantly involved in community related events.

We are currently only taking donation requests online, so you will be asked to fill out a form for our records to indicate what you are specifically requesting, when, how many people will be in attendance at your event, what type of event you are holding and your organization’s charitable tax id #, and when the deadline is to respond.  All requests will be handled via E-mail. We also ask that you give us a few days to respond.

We love to be able to help the community around us, so it’s important that we get all the right information at the appropriate time so we can all plan for a successful event! Please also remember that although we want to help as many organizations as we can, it’s not always possible and we have a limited budget for events/sponsorships and donations. Last minute requests are also hard to honor so, we appreciate your consideration of this when requesting participation.

Check out our facebook page to see what local events might be going on that we are currently participating in.  Little Caesars of Cedar Rapids is the name of our Facebook page, so Like us on Facebook! for store updates, product updates, and just community related information.